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As a young adult entering the mental health field, I recall many people being overwhelmed with/by services that wanted to rehash the past. It is undeniably true that there is an important step in the process of coping with past traumas. However, there was no one who addressed the issues people experiences in the "here and now"- the effects of trauma. I started MJ2 Coaching to do just that- address the effects of trauma that affect the other parts of your life!


The effects of trauma influence all aspects of life from our relationships to employment to lifestyle choices and personal perspectives. Addressing the effects of trauma and how they present in our lives TODAY affords us the ability to rewind the habits we learned as survival techniques.

"I remember the day I realized I was living through my various survival techniques. I had one for every situation and I would say to myself 'no one can get over on me' or 'I will never be the victim again." These were the types of statements that STOPPED me from living after experiencing trauma. Survival techniques, similarly to kickstands, are always on standby but I choose when and how to deploy them. These are techniques all women can use to build lasting, whole, amiable, and pleasurable relationships and connections with themselves, their children, and others. MJ2 Coaching was created for women like you and me- women who want to start LIVING unapologetically, confidently, and in the true reflection of SELF!

My Story


MJ2 Coaching is owned and operated by Maretta “MJ” Johnson. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, several certificates MJ created a life of empowering others.  To provide the best services MJ attends training regularly. MJ was born in Massachusetts and raised in the city of Boston. Experiencing poverty, homelessness, discrimination, and teen parenthood along with the environmental, social, and personal barriers that are and were associated with such provides a unique and personal touch to services rendered. Learning through education and experience, MJ found ways to overcome barriers. 

MJ2 Coaching is founded on the understanding that each person is different therefore should be supported differently. I strive to create partnerships founded on trust and strengthened by open communication and mutual respect. This is YOUR journey and your strengths, experiences, and desires will be the foundation to move forward!


The mission of MJ2 Coaching is to bring motivation, innovation, and inspiration to individuals that would like to improve their life. Committing to guiding individuals through challenges to improve the quality of life while promoting positive change in individuals and communities. The mission is accomplished by embedding compassion and empathy into every service and partnership.


The vision of MJ2 Coaching is to empower individuals to find their balance spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, socially, relationally, and vocationally. Coachees will partner with MJ and work to have a positive mindset, improved self-awareness, and a rejuvenated outlook for themselves and their future. In the process coachees will acquire an increase in self-confidence, understanding that they are beautifully made inside and out.

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