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The More The Merrier

The TMTM package is for families, bridal parties, and polyamorous dynamics. This package caters to situations that require mediation and will build self-awareness in each member to reduce the friction with the group. Participants will gain self-awareness, emotional awareness, and self-assuredness. TMTM includes journals and the number of sessions to meet the group's needs. Session totals start at 18 sessions, and pricing starts at$1600.00


Appointments can be rescheduled, within reason and as needed, if availability permits. MJ2 Coaching will try to accommodate all reasonable requests. No show and appointments canceled within 12 hours of the appointment time are subjected to fees totaling up to half the service fees.


Payment for services is paid in full at the time of booking. The fees are accepted via Cashapp ($MJ2Coaching), Venmo (@MJ2Coaching), or Paypal ( The fee is subjected to cancellation fees. 


MJ2Coaching does not provide therapy services. MJ2 Coaching provides resources for higher-level financial planning but does not endorse any provider. Coaching is offered regarding the mental barriers regarding fitness while encouraging physical movement. Please consult a medical professional regarding the ability and concerns pertaining to physical exercises.  MJ2 Coaching features Reiki and does not claim to cure or treat illness or disease.

Do you have any questions? I have answers!  

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