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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Happiness is an illusion mixed with or composed of hopes, dreams, desires, and perspective.

Who holds the key to the door of your happiness?

Considering happiness is made of ideas that can and are usually fluid and changing with time, it should result in the perception of happiness being fluid and everchanging.

Are you ready for the changes?

People chase the illusion of happiness hoping that this thing, idea, intangible object can change their life, world, and experiences as they know it.

Is that realistic?

Some need something to hold on to, even if it just an idea. Some chase this thing they call happiness in hopes of finding their own personal utopia. However, most have a situational or temporary understanding of what will make happy.

You are responsible for defining your own happiness.

Navigating the world in search of happiness may present ideas and experiences that will help define your happiness. Some people do not know how to be or embrace happiness when it occurs.

Where has happiness gone in the world?

We cannot enjoy happiness when we are searching for a specific thing. Happiness is iridescent and form changing.

People are angry because they cannot find happiness. Some rightfully so. Some are oblivious for various reasons. Some choose to find their happiness in others.

How does one do that- find happiness in someone else?

It was once said that happiness comes from within. The way you love yourself, treat yourself, and talk to yourself can help define your happiness.

Is this accurate?

Maybe it's both accurate and inaccurate at the same time. Making others happy can increase personal happiness but if a person is internally unhappy then external happiness is not fulfilling and or is short lived.

It is unfortunate that many individuals are not happy with themselves internally, externally, emotionally, culturally, or mentally leading to a society without happiness.

The question is not how one can be happy. The question is how does one find their happiness, or their own ideas of what happiness is?

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