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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Mom is by far one of the hardest professions to navigate. Mom is an all-encompassing title for the janitor, nanny, accounts receivable, accounts payable, item locator, and more. This is not an easy position that often receives no gratification. It is one of many positions were you receive complaints as tips and management do not care how or why you show up as long as you SHOW UP!

Thank you, mom! Thank you for showing up. Thank you for listening to the complaints and ridicule. Thank you for helping with the MASSIVE problem even though it was not as massive as the child thought it was. Thank you for making the child(ren) and spouse's favorite dish even though you had your own desires. Oh, and during COVID-19, thank you for finding the time to fill in as the child(ren)'s teacher especially when the online platform froze or simply failed to connect. Thank you!

Mom needs time to deal with mom! For all the non-moms, just imagine having a week where mom is not on edge. Imagine mom greeting you with a smile in the morning instead of that infamous side-eye and grimace. Imagine asking about the thing you lost (again) and instead of getting the overwhelmed and overly audible response of "do I look like the keeper of all things?" you get a calmer more rational response. This is all possible IF mom had time to deal with mom!

Stress is the cause of the overwhelmed that you hear and see. Stress is the cause of the inability to sleep which results in the morning unpleasantry you observe wandering around the house in the morning. Stress is the cause of the many forgetful moments throughout the day. (Yeah, that means she would not spend 10 minutes looking for her phone that is pressed against her ear.) This may be shocking for some but mom needs time to process, feel, be heard, and relax just like the other members of the family.

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