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Stay-At-Home Momma

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

“I don’t have a career, I’m a housewife”.

Society states that as women we should compete with men. We are NO comparison to men! We bear children, they cannot. We create these emotional and sentimental bonds naturally, they must adapt and work to create such. Generally, women are natural multitaskers, men have to develop these skills over time. We should not be competing with men. They are great at what they do while we are great at what we do. Nonetheless, either could be great at anything if the effort is put in.

To the Stay-at-home mothers or housewives, there are marketable skills in your job/career choice! This is referring to the “common folk” stay-at-home housewife not the ones that have paid housekeeping services, have chauffeurs, etc. Every family is different but there are some core qualities that an employee shares with a stay-at-home mom which include the following:

  1. Time management: Running and office of strangers or a house of family members, time management skills are very valuable. This skill is used to meet deadlines and assure timely delivery of projects. From proposals to costumes for plays, these items require a designated amount of time which women are required to figure out and deliver effectively.

  2. Multitasking: Juggling more than one (often more than 5) tasks at once is imperative! Businesswomen manage the phones, disgruntled customers, the staff that knows their jobs but are not performing, the staff that is great at their jobs, and the vendors. Moms also manage the phones, disgruntled customers (children), the staff that knows their jobs but are not performing (oftentimes the spouse), the staff that is great at their jobs (oftentimes grandma), and the vendors (bill collectors).

  3. Integrity: The ability to do what is right when you are not monitored. Moms must enlist integrity to roll out the daily schedule or routine when she is the only adult in the home and hiding under the covers for the day sounds like a great idea. In business, there are times where one thinks about taking a nap in their office or taking an extended lunch when no one is looking. Integrity is what assures that work is done.

  4. Advocacy: The ability to support others and to speak out against injustices. Topics ranging from unfair pay to one child hogging the toys deserve advocacy. Socially we can learn through advocacy while sharing ideas. Both professions advocate for their personal rights as well. Both deserve the tools to perform their job duties, breaks, incentives, and vacations.

  5. Autonomy: Making your own decisions should not be negotiable. Women presented their qualifications and were mutually selected for their respective positions. The spouse/employer had the option to “employ” another woman just as the woman had the option to “enlist” in another entity (organization or relationship). Each party had a choice and chose as they saw fit, therefore, allowing the woman to enact her brilliance is only appropriate.

Stay-at-home moms/ housewives, when someone asks what you do for a living, say it loud and proud! Women are AMAZING and should not feel less than because they are not aligning with the current social trend.

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