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Support, you say???

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Support is a figurative phrase people toss around.

This phrase is used in various situation for the following reasons:

1.)When one feels like the needs something and does mot get it is said that they are not being supported.

"You are not supporting me! I need you..."

2.) When people do not see someone else's vision and or believe that they can do such l, it is said that they are not being supportive.

"You are not supporting me and my idea."

3.) When you align, find use for, encourage, "stay out of the way" in another one may say the are offering support

"I'm supporting you by letting you do your thing."

4.) The act of physically or financially providing for is support (**this is not what I'm speaking of)

No matter how you view the idea of support, it will never be perfect. Your family is just that. They are not obligated to support you. There are and will be people that support you but you will have to find YOUR people. Everybody is not your people.

Equally important, you have to allow people to support you in a way that makes sense to them.

Everyone is not going to show up to every event and many will miss the events you believe to be most important. That is ok! Not everyone is going to see t benefits of your new lifestyle. That is ok! There will be some that disagree with your choices. That is ok!

Truthfully, it is not about the lack of support and is about what you believe that means!

Often times when someone does not support you it triggers the fears you already thought of. When you are not met with your understood ways of support it presents as lack of support.

Here is the thing about support, it is as unique as the people that can offer it. This is your journey! Despite the support you have, it is up to you to decide what is most important and effective for you and the life you dream of. Allowing others to deter you from your GREAT IDEA because they are not showing up the way you would is you giving away your autonomy. No one is going to show up for you as you would or are! YOU are you and they are not you! Understanding that you may have similarities to them but you are NOT THEM is crucial to your development.

Live your TRUTH because you deserve to live the LIFE you DREAM of!

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