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Stress, Finessed! A Mother's Stress Management Journal

Stress, Finessed! A Mother's Stress Management Journal

Motherhood is as relentless as it is joyous!!


Mothers rise in the morning thinking about another being and fall asleep brainstorming ideas regarding another being. The other being or beings are unaware of the countless hours put into creating a life that will always fall short of mother's dream.


The role of Mother comes with great responsibility and stress! There is no doubt that each mom feels some stress through the journey. Some mothers struggle to deal with the stress which may include postpartum depression. Stress, Finessed is for every mom to have an outlet, receive encouragement, and figuratively be connected to other mothers in the journey. It is time for mothers to care for one more person- THEMSELVES! It is time to exhale and rejoice: Stress, Finessed!

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