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Tired of broken relationships and feeling frustrated?

Learn how to manage the negative effects of the misfortunate events and have a better, happier life!

We often second-guess ourselves.

We often think the issue is us!

We often do not show up for ourselves.

We often are strong for others.

We often hide our tears and scars! 

We CAN overcome these trauma effects!

We CAN heal!

We CAN be happy! 


It is your time to shine, Queen!

MJ2C Pic Seated.JPG

I will hold your hand through the journey!

Hello Queen!
I'm MJ, your Empowerment Coach!

As women, unfortunately, we often experience MULTIPLE traumatic events over the course of our lives. 

Building confidence, learning triggers, and overcoming obstacles are some of the skills needed to overcome the trauma effects. These skills are part of what MJ2 Coaching offers you on the journey to overcoming the effects of trauma.


It is time to take your life back!

Free consult

to rediscover yourself !

At times we get you stuck on repeat and forced to live with the negative outcomes?  

Do you keep running into the same issue(s) but want to do things differently? 

Download this free goal-setting tool.

Not ready for the life-changing level of empowerment? I understand! This is not something you can rush into or through.

I'll be here when you are ready. To help along the way download this free problem-solving tool.

(Did you just have a negative thought? We all hesitate when making BIG decisions.)



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