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I. Am. An. Experience!


This experience is not for everyone.

It is personal and unique.

5 people will describe 5 different experiences.

Some will get nauseated and may hurl.

Yes, I can be intimating!

Some will erupt in laughter and banter.

Oh, I can be comical!

Some will be consumed by envy.

Because I am that lady!

Some will express pleasure or contentment.

I have a warm and personable side.

Some will report intensity or overwhelm.

Fierceness is embodied in my souls and oozes through my pours.

Some may experience a mixture.

It is part of the experience.

Regardless of what they report the experience was and is experienced.

Like other experiences, if this is not for you do not repeat.

However if you choose to repeat, please understand that this experience may differ from the previous experiences for you may not be a preferred experience of mine.

I. Am. An. Experience!

Not the be confused with the trends, phases, or short-term discoveries that litter your life.

I interact deeply, talk softly to your soul, and provide mental memorabilia for you to hold and flaunt from this day forward.

I. Am. An. Experience!

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